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Ted Belton is a photographer currently in Toronto, and often elsewhere.

His interests and assignments frequently take him between London, Paris, New York, and when he's lucky, other places, too. He is happy to report that nearly everywhere he goes, there is someone willing to sit opposite him and his camera.

Ted’s work has been published internationally in Rolling Stone, Kinfolk, The Times Magazine, Elle Decor, Behind The Blinds, and Graydon Carter’s AirMail. In Canada, Ted is a frequent contributor to The Globe and Mail, and his work has appeared in publications such as Montecristo, Men’s Fashion, and S/Magazine. Included among his other clients are Rakuten Kobo, Nespresso, 19/99 Beauty, VDL Cosmetics, Coty, and Rimmel London.

Ted’s commitment to supporting Canadian and local culture and economy motivates much of his work. He continues to collaborate whenever possible with emerging and independent designers, retailers, musicians, and institutions in support of the arts.

Select Work  /  Portrait  /  Fashion  /  Notebook  /  Drawings  /  About  /  Email  /  Instagram